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    Step one

    • WEpaint Clear is a top coat which can be apply over previously painted surface. Do not apply on bared wall or pre primed surface.
    • WEpaint clear works best on glosy, semiglossy, egg sell or satin type smooth finish.
    • For newly painted wall surface, wait for 7 days to ensure proper drying and hardening of paint before applying Wepaint.
    • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to prevent debris and dust getting caught in the surface during application. If necessary then sand the surface with 2000 no. Sand paper to remove any divots.
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    Step two

    • Make the place dust free before opening the can.
    • Add part B in to part A.
    • Mix part A & B mixture thoroughly for 2-3 minutes with stirring stick.
    • After mixing, you have 1 hr for application of pain.
    • Pour mixture on to paint tray carefully.
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    Step Three

    • Divide wall in to four sections virtually. Saturate the roller properly.
    • CLEAR is low viscosity paint; avoid applying too much pressure to the roller during application to minimize drips.
    • Start on Upper-1(left top of the wall, MOTION-1) using up and down motion to paint that upper section.
    • Once Upper-1 is complete, roll on to lower-1(MOTION-2) section same as previously mentioned.
    • If found any roller marks, foam or non- painted surface then cover it by roller with light pressure.
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    Step Four

    • After that move to fresh Upper-2 section (MOTION-4).Follow up and down motion to cover the surface and then follow the same for Lower-2 section (MOTION-5)
    • For larger-scale installations, replace the roller after every 40 sq. ft. of product applied.
    • Frequently check the surface for foam, sagging, Non covering area. Cover it with lightly rolling with some material.
    • WEpaint is quick drying formulation. DO NOT TOUCH THE WEP AINT-ED SURF ACE AFTER 18-20 MINUTES. During this 20 minutes WEpaint-ed surface can be touch by roller, finger to remove/correct Foam, sagging or any other defects.
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    Step five

    • Once finished, carefully remove masking tape immediately when applied paint is wet without hampering painted surface and clean up the place.
    • Collect all used container, stirr stick, masking tape, paint tray, cover sheet, roller and pack it in to WASTE COLLECTION BAG given in kit and disposed off.
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    Step Six

    • WEpaint will dry in 2 to 3 hour .
    • DO NOT WRITE for 2 days of post-application.
    • After wait of 2 days, First check on corner of applied surface with marker pen for writability and erasability (because curing varies on temperature/humidity and so on region to region).

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